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Calling an HVAC Service Incase Your Heat Pump Problem Persist

Why Is My Heat Pump Turning on and Off Frequently?

The purpose of heat pumps and furnaces is to conserve energy by turning them on and off only when necessary. You can select any of these appliances depending on your home’s design and characteristics like efficiency, cost, and cost. For various reasons, heat pumps may operate more frequently than other appliances. Understanding why your heat pump keeps turning on and off might help you solve the problem and prevent expensive repairs or replacements before you call an HVAC service.

Dirty Air Filters

A heat pump system cannot function properly without air filters. They aid in maintaining clean air and stop debris, dirt, and other irritants from entering the system and harming it. Unfortunately, these filters are susceptible to becoming clogged with dirt over time, making the fan work harder than it needs to. To make up for this additional work on the fan, the heat pump will cycle on and off more frequently.

Refrigerant Leaks

A heat pump’s refrigerant helps keep it cool, but if there is a leak somewhere in the system, the compressor may work too hard and get too hot. As a result, the compressor can stop working, making the heat pump constantly cycle on and off. If you feel there may be a refrigerant leak, it’s better to call a professional for assistance because it might be difficult to find one without specialist equipment. To locate the leak’s origin so they can fix it, experts will utilize equipment like ultraviolet dye, thermography, and pressure testing.

Poor Insulation or Sealing

Your heat pump may cycle on and off a lot if it is housed in an old house with inadequate insulation and sealing. This occurs due to outside air leaking into the home, which makes your heat pump work harder to keep the interior at a reasonable temperature. You can resolve this issue by adding more insulation around windows and doors and sealing any structural gaps that allow cold air to enter. Upgrade the insulation in other areas of your house, if necessary.

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