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Solutions From Commercial HVAC Contractors to Get Rid of Stuffy Air When You Can’t Open a Window

Stuffy Air: 5 Ways to Get Fresher Air in a Sealed Building

The most common advice for removing stuffy, stagnant air is to open the windows. That’s not an option in NYC since there are so many sealed buildings! And, unfortunately, that does add to the issue. Insufficient ventilation, poor airflow, and sometimes problems with air quality are common causes of stuffy air, and they frequently occur in sealed buildings.

So what can you do to improve the air quality in your house or business and make it more pleasant and healthy?

Commercial HVAC Contractors Have Solutions to Get Rid of Stuffy Air When You Can’t Open a Window

Add Make Up Air Units

Lack of sufficient ventilation can lead to stuffy air worsening over time. The addition of a makeup AIR UNIT is one remedy. Describe makeup air. A make-up air machine brings outside air into your area and adjusts it to the desired indoor temperature.

Makeup air units are very helpful in businesses with powerful exhaust systems and sometimes even in home kitchens.

Fix Air Distribution Problems

Has the HVAC system ever been updated without the area being renovated? Or have the patterns of use and occupancy changed?

If so, some design modifications to your HVAC distribution system may be beneficial.

For instance, your duct runs might not be appropriate for the area, given how it is now set up and used. The end effect may be stuffy, stagnant air, low temperature, and humidity regulation, or uneven temperatures throughout the area.

Banish Contaminants and Purify the Air

Is there a foul smell in the stuffy air in your room? If this is the case, you may have a condition that goes beyond simple discomfort and may even harm your health.

Odors may indicate that there are various hazardous toxins present in the air. Mold growth in your HVAC ducts or VOCs from construction materials and cleaning products could be the culprits.

If mold is the issue, you’ll need to spend money on DUCT CLEANING AND MOLD REMEDIATION.

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